What is a rebuildable atomizer?

The rebuildable atomizer is usually called RBA (ReBuildable Atomizer).

It’s repairable, it allows you to make your own resitance.

Generally rebuildable atomizers are for people who have had experience with the electronic cigarette.
The reconstructable atomizers have a diameter of about 20 to 22 mm (screw 510) and are used primarily on the MODs to provide a more efficient vape.


There are 2 kinds of RBA:

RDA: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. These atomizers are used for « dripping » which means, you directly drip e-liquid on the wick and coil. After a few drags, you drop in more juice because the wick becomes dry again.


RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. These atomizers are the ones that have tanks to hold e-juice inside of it. Most of the time, these tanks will be made out of some transparent material like plastic or glass or all-metal.



What material do I have to use: Silica fiber or organic cotton?

            * Silica fiber:

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– Very easy to use, it’s great for beginners.

– It provides good storage capacity of the liquid.

– It has no problems with the dry burns: this is very convenient to clean the coil before changing e-liquid.

– It changes a little the flavor.


            * Organic cotton:

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You can use any type of cotton but we recommend organic cotton. It is healthy.

  • It has a great ability to e-liquid absorption: Ideal on dripper.
  • It preserves the e-liquid flavors.
  • It takes a bit of experience to handle.
  • It burns when heated as it contains almost not e-liquid anymore.


Equipment for rebuildable atomizers

  • Nail clipper: to cut the resistive wire and fiber.
  • Scissors: to cut cotton or fiber.
  • Ohmmeter / voltmeter: to test the value of your resistance before putting on your MOD or battery. It also can detect a possible short circuit.


Rebuildable atomizer (RBA) are  for passionate and meticulous people wishing to make their own resistance.

We invite you to consult the different YouTube video tutorials which are a gold mine of information!


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