What is a safe eliquid?

People start vaping to protect their health from the harmful effects of tobacco. 

That’s why we must give to the customer all the guarantees of a quality e-liquid.



1.1 Propylen glycol, vegetable glycerin and nicotine certified USP / EP
Ensure that the propylen glycol, vegetable glycerin and nicotine are certified USP / EP (United States Pharmacopeia and European Pharmacopeia). It proves that their purity level meets these high standards. This allows us to know that they are not mixed with other hazardous chemicals.

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1.2 The flavors

• Make sure the flavors are food grade
This is the minimum! The digestive system has protection that the respiratory system does not have.


• Make sure your eliquids do not contain diacetyl, ambrox or paraben.

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Aromatic molecule found in butter, fresh cream, dairy products and alcoholic beverages, it gives a very nice buttery or caramelized taste.

Repeated inhalation of this compound can cause severe bronchiolitis. This is a rare and serious lung disease that requires a lung transplant. Also called « the popcorn disease » because of the workers who inhaled diacetyl over a long period in the factory of popcorn.

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos had sought in hundreds of e-liquids the presence of diacetyl. These substances were detected in over 74% of e-liquids tested.

Some brands which use diacetyl in some liquids:

Vintage e liquids, Vape Beard, Traditional juice, Cyclops vapor, Alpha vape, Suicide Bunny, Vaporshark, Cuttwood, Cosmig fog, vapor Hurricane …

This is an additive that releases a tobacco odor. It is used in perfumery. The toxicity of ambrox being heated is still unknown.

This is a conservative with antibacterial and antifungal properties, used in cosmetics, medicines and food. He is known to affect the reproductive system.

• Ensure that toxicological analysis have been conducted  on the flavors:



We need the supplier to conduct toxicology analysis of aromas that they use.

But this is not enough. Aromas taken independently can have a safe toxicological profile but when you mix them with other flavors, they can become toxic.

Today manufacturers develop complex recipes with multi aromas, which represent a toxicological risk. It is therefore necessary that manufacturers carry out toxicological analysis of his recipe after making the mixture of aromas.




2.1 Good Manufacturing Practices

Ensure that the manufacturer has implemented good manufacturing practices:

– Overall management of hygiene,

– Compliance of premises (humidity, dust …)

– Control of suppliers (respect of supplier information)

– Hand, clothing and equipment hygiene (cleaning, gloves, mask …)

– Bacteriological control products and equipment.
It is essential to avoid a bacteria infection of the liquid, the lungs are fragile.

1.2 Product Analysis
The manufacturer must control the quality and safety of flavorings it uses through regular chemical and microbiological analyzes of raw materials and finished products.

Some manufacturers employ an independent testing laboratory to control their production.
Vaping is a new area that still lacks regulation, by our choice, we need to help serious manufacturers to grow and thereby strengthen the security of the vape.

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